8 key elements to get your website ranking on 1st page of Google

8 key elements to get your website ranking on 1st page of Google

With the wild web changing frequently it is important that all businesses adapt, that is if they want to stay at the top of their game and maintain their ranking position. Sometimes doing this is easier said than done. Here are 8 ranking tips that will help you out.

Every SEO would like backlinks for their websites. Backlinks are the currency of the website world. Google uses these to figure out the level of trust with websites. Having said this, not all links are created equal. Google does not count all links, for example, links that are made for your own company or traded links.

Leadership Content.
For almost all content to be published on the first page of a google search your company must publish quality content. Content alone will not rank your marketing high but it will give it a good boost. The more quality content you put out there, Google will, in return give you will higher rankings.

Keyword Titles.
This part of the process will bring you more fellowship. Keyword titles will allow Google to send relevant people your way. Boosting your website with people who are interested in your company’s niche. Place the keywords people will use in the search engine that will lead them right to your company.

Be Mobile Friendly.
In the world today more than 80%. These stats mean a lot of people use their smartphones to access the web now instead of desktop computers or laptops, that is why it is highly important to make your website mobile friendly. One of the Google updates was to make the web more mobile friendly to assist with the everyday changes. There is nothing worse when you are trying to view a website and it keeps crashing, people will just close the browser or go to a different company.

High Landing Pages.
Creating a page that will answer questions from the public will earn you brownie points from Google. It is impossible to create a page for every icon but the closer you get the better.

Site Speed.
When people are searching web content they want speed, as soon as they click the go button, the page should load within seconds. It frustrates people when they are waiting for a period of time for the page to load up. In a recent study, it shows that 40% of people cancel a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load. This can result in loss of google rankings.

Organisation and labeling.
This section of the Google ranking system is often overlooked. In fact this is the most crucial part. To achieve this part, make sure all labeling is well formatted and easy for users to understand. You can make it simple by clear labeling and format of text and images.

Schema Markups.
A more official way to labeling your website. This section can help improve your website context and become more appealing to your audience. This section uses the snippet boxes.

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