Stay productive while you work from home

Create a dedicated work area

Whether it’s on the dining table, or in a spare room, make sure to create a dedicated area in which to work, to help keep that distance between work and home life.

Stick to a routine

Get in and stick to a routine, making sure that ‘office hours’ don’t encroach on ‘home time’.

Take regular breaks

Take regular breaks — make yourself a cup of coffee, check in on your friends and family — but also do lunchtimes properly, and get out in the fresh air if possible.

Exercise if you can

Even a walk around the block in the fresh air will help clear your mind!

Keep in contact

Both on workstreams and socially! Working from home will be a strange experience for many and the sense of isolation can have a severe effect. Chat over a coffee or a stroll out together at midday.

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