Hosting Solutions

Hosting Solutions

Trading via MetaTrader needs to be carried out in a secure, robust and low-latency environment which is why all Techysquad’ servers are hosted within the Equinix data centres. This guarantees that Techysquad’ clients have access to optimum speed, efficiency, connectivity and reliability.

Low latency

Our hosting partner’s expertise lies in building low latency trading environments. This results in enhanced trade execution and allows our clients to achieve maximum operational efficiencies.

Lead Management

The Techysquad servers are hosted in LD4 (London) & NY4 (New York) within the prestigious Equinix Data Centres. This enables all Techysquad clients to access low latency feeds with Cross Connects to major Liquidity Providers around the world, all of which comes as standard when taking a White Label platform from Techysquad. Through Beeks, our hosting partner, Techysquad has the ability to access data centres in eight key financial hubs around the world. This means that our clients benefit from low latency environments regardless of their end clients’ location.

Virtual Private Servers

Through our partner’s VPS offering, we have dedicated racks strategically placed in London, New York, Frankfurt, Chicago, Hong Kong and Tokyo Data Centres which allows us to provide the ultimate VPS solution for traders providing super low latency. This reassures automated traders/EA’s that their MT4/MT5 platform will always be up and running.