Outsource PHP Project

Outsource PHP Project

Are you looking for a convenient solution to reduce the time-to-market of your new web application? When budgets are tight, outsourcing your PHP project to a nearshore or offshore location is a sound option for optimizing your IT-related costs.

Choosing Techysquad as an outsourcing destination gives you access to experienced IT engineers, world-class software development and opportunities to form rewarding collaborations.

How we normally work, a 3 step process

  • Audit your code
  • Make it portable
  • Secure & protected

High-standard PHP software development

Outsourcing your IT project to Techysquad provides you with all of the features of a complete software development experience, perfectly aligned with your business goals.

Techysquad’s outsourcing offer includes:

  • Scalable and secure high-traffic websites, e-commerce solutions, custom applications
  • Dedicated, distributed or remote teams ramped up in only four weeks
  • Cost-effective contracts to help you fully benefit from your outsourcing experience
  • Flexibility and visibility in an Agile environment

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to work with effective and professional web developers

You’d like to be working with a company that understands the pressures that you are under and already works with clients in a similar situation.

Someone who knows that your application represents a lot of blood, sweat & tears and that just throwing it away and starting again is not an option!

  • Someone who returns your calls
  • Developers who stick to budgets and don’t give you nasty surprises
  • A company with multiple developers available to work on your system
  • Developers who specialise at working with legacy PHP applications
  • A team with lots of happy customers
  • Developers who work with you protect your existing code base

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