6 features that your forex platform’s CRM must have

Your forex CRM is incomplete without these 6 important features.

Forex CRM software can give you a platform where you can bring together thousands of traders and allow them to try out their forex trading strategy. Forex CRM is a win-win solution!

1. Lead Management
There are thousands of people who are looking for a proper forex trading platform, one that can give them great trading experience. But there are many other platforms too, which offer forex CRM trading solutions, so you must be competitive enough. Your CRM should be efficient enough to let your team create and manage leads and data. A lead management module helps you grow constantly. You need it.

2. User Management
Once the prospect has chosen your platform to do forex trading, you must give them a smooth experience. But you also need to see this from the side of an admin. An admin should understand the users and offer them exactly what they are looking for. A well-designed user management module helps you manage the CRM users, manage their rights and define their role in the forex CRM.

3. Account Management
On CRM, you create a distinct relationship with the user. Starting from the account opening to managing the transactions and applying the strategy, your forex CRM becomes the centre point of this relationship. Your CRM should have a good account management module that can help your team manage the traders’ accounts and clear out the queries of the users efficiently.

4. Total Customization
The world of forex trading is bursting with innovations. You can join the revolution; all you need to do is solve the traders’ problems. While creating your own forex trading CRM, you must have the ability to design it in such a way that fits well in your business model. You need to customize the CRM as per the customer preferences and the industry trends. Techysquad offers you the best forex CRM solutions at the most competitive rates. Contact crm@techysquad.com to create your own customized CRM platform.

5. Security and Confidentiality
If you are thinking about creating a platform to enable thousands of forex traders, you know how important is the security. The platform generates so much data which should not be leaked or otherwise accessed by an unauthorized person. Managing the trading transactions with umpteen confidentiality and security is a must. MD5 hash encryption method is believed to be the most efficient one for forex CRM.

6. Easy Integration
Another thing you need is the integration of the CRM with the landing page, website and the app. This is a very important feature as it will allow the traders to do trading with more and more convenience. Your team and your customers, both can perform really productively if you integrate forex CRM into your MT5 platform perfectly. So, whenever you create a forex trading CRM, make sure you integrate it with other aspects.

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